AP ROO 26480TI

We make decisions in life based on either the Milan clients or the hard leads. There is one similarity between horology and fine watchmaking: emotions can only be felt and appreciated by humans. These watches serve more purposes than just keeping time.

AP RO 26480TI

They sing the melodies in a myriad of ways and connect you to our source. One of those timepieces that have a special place in our hearts is the Royal Oak Offshore. It has a fun, casual, sporty vibe, but when you wear it, you suddenly get a high-end, fine watchmaking feeling and enjoy hearing the watch with some of the best craftsmanship and attention to detail in the industry.

You get the pleasure of hearing one of the most expensive steel watches, and you get the freedom to wear it and enjoy it whenever and wherever thanks to its adaptability. The reference in this blog is a new addition to the AP Royal Oak Offshore line from 2019. The Royal Oak Offshore was initially introduced to the AP catalog in 1993.

The watch comes in a stunning blue dog, and while ap has restricted the sale of blue dial watches to boutiques only, the good news is that this particular model is not restricted to boutiques and can be purchased from a DS and pre-owned store. The thickness of the original off-shop 42-millimeter case, which was 16 millimeters thick, was significant and a deal-breaker for some.

To complement the thinness, the watch also comes in titanium, and we must say this is the lightest off-show we have ever held, reviewed, and seen the watch with strap and buckle weighs only 109 drums and for your reference, this is even lighter than Royal Oak. The Washtenaw sports a very elegant and classy look even though it's meant to be a sports watch.

AP 26480TI

Extra thin one 5202, which weighs 110 grams, comes with a petite to p3 and Royal Oak, but it also comes with a steel bracelet as opposed to this off-shop model, which is of course on a rubber strap. With 1 double V double 0 is a grand tapestry. Due to the protruded scares of the mega tapestry patron in the doll, the Offshore's come in very interesting and interesting and add a lot more fun and correction to Offshore's and complement Their casual and sportiness very well.

This watch has a lot going on in the dial, including the subdials for seconds, minutes, and our counter. This sports watch is one of the few dials that seem to look three-dimensional and has depth in its looks with the scales casting shadows of their own sides and angles. The silver borders on the waist subdials, which complement the sporty looks, are our personal favorite.


The Most Wanted Rolex Watch?

Let's take a closer look at the Swiss luxury watch, which is occasionally referred to as the "holy grail" of Rolex watches. In order to highlight its expertise in this field, the brand introduces sporty models with diamonds. These models are extremely rare and only offered to the brand's most devoted customers; therefore, they are in high demand not just among collectors but also among businessmen, famous soccer players Hollywood stars and creators There is a reason why the Daytona Rainbow is the most desired Rolex watch currently available. Many watch enthusiasts, in particular, favor the platinum model with baguette index hour markers or the John Mayer version.

There is no doubt that the Daytona Rainbow reference 116595 Rainbows is even more exclusive than some of the hottest chronographs currently available from Rolex. At Baselworld 2018, this unique version of the chronograph debuted alongside other novelties like the GMT Pepsi with Jubilee Bracelet.


36 colored baguette cut sapphires decorate the chronographs and bezel in a rainbow gradation, and in the case of the road, a rose gold watch is set with 56 brilliant cut diamonds. The black lacquer dial is perfectly cut and set with these gems. There are a total of 47 sapphires set in this opulent watch, with 11 more sapphires replacing the hour markers.


It goes without saying that Rolex has its own gemology and gem setting department for this kind of work, which requires a true craftsman to source such high-quality gemstones rather than actually working with them. Only a Horton horology expert could fulfill, so congratulations, Rolex.

The Rolex Rainbow is also available in two colors, pink gold crystals, and the subdials of the chronograph have undergone a crystallization process to give them a shimmering finish. Despite having more gemstones than the prior versions, which were made of white gold and yellow gold, the functionality was unaffected.

The solid oyster bracelet is fitted with the oyster lock safety folding clasp, and the case is still 100 meters water resistant. The hour and minute hands are made of bare blue luminescent material. The watch's internal mechanism, the Rolex automatic in-house caliber 4130, has a power reserve of 72 hours, and there's another important component right next to it.

Developed specifically 18-karat gold, The alloy was created internally and contains 76 gold. Due to its distinctive structure, the material is resistant to fading and allows the Rolex data owner to maintain its brightness over time. Ordinary rose gold loses its brightness over time and contains only 2% platinum. Based on the corrosive reactions of copper, and gold over time.

In any case, don't bother asking your ad about the availability of the Daytona Rainbow because chances are higher that you already have one.


Moving on to the dial, we have a lovely black lacquer dial on this Daytona. You can also get this watch with the diamond-to-pave dial as well, but this one has the black lacquer tile which we personally think is much better. It's also kind of been cut in these trapeze style shapes as well, which kind of tapers in towards the bezel or into the dial and is really beautiful. This watch looks and fits it much better.

The Daytona rainbow is the most sought-after Rolex watch, and we don't think that will change anytime soon. The watch gained cult status as soon as it was unveiled at Baselworld, and may be the ultimate collector's item.

Datejust 41 Rolex Mint Green

We live in a time when green is almost as desirable as blue; not long ago, blue dials were the most desirable and in high demand.

The market appears to have flipped the script, with green dials now outperforming blue dials. Going back to the grain diet craze, while watch manufacturers have historically done green dials, It wasn't until Rolex did the same in the submariner known as the Hulk back in 2010.

When Rolex created the crane in the Hulk back in the day, it was not well received by the large community of collectors, and some referred to it as a very non-versatile color.

Others saw it as a gimmick and a marketing stunt that would soon fade away. Interestingly, Rolex did the hulk for over ten years before discontinuing it, only for the rest of the watch manufacturers to follow, and we saw green in some of the most popular watch models in the world, including, but not limited to, Patek Philippe Nautilus, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, and recently omega speed, master, and sea master, while Rolex did discontinue the flashy and sunburst screen in the submariner.

DateJust Mint Green 41mm

They didn't abandon the green color entirely, and in the same year of 2020, we saw the introduction of funky and colorful dials in Rolex's oyster perpetual range, including turquoise, blue, pink, coral, red, yellow, and green.

Green has also introduced in Rolex Datejust 36 models, but not in a plane or non-textured dial. It was only available in the dial with a palm motif pattern, and it did not come in the 41-millimeter DJ range. There was no true Standard, green dial in the Datejust range until this point.

A short history

If you look at the history, the Rolex Datejust was first released in 1945, which was about a decade before the Rolex submariner. It didn't happen until 2009. Just the case size of 41 millimeters has been added to the Rolex collection 64 years later.

This was also a reflection of how Rolex watches have evolved to remain timeless and iconic while also adapting to modern times, standards, needs, sizes, and trends. Rolex Datejust has largely remained the only watch with the greatest number of customization options. That is, from 2009 to 2022, you can select the dial, color dial pattern, material, bezel, bracelet, and even the diamond or precious metal options. However, while Rolex offered many dial configurations, there was never a green color in virtually any dial in The DJ-41 range.

So the addition of a green dial to the Rolex DJ-41 line this year marks the start of a new chapter in the Rolex line. The Datejust is a classic and timeless watch with a long history. While Rolex did do a somewhat controversial shade of green on the hulk and also a rather unique matte green in the oyster perpetual range in 2020.

The Mint Green Shade

The shade of green used on the Datejust is very similar to core Rolex characteristics. Rolex DNA and Rolex appearances are green, but in a classic earthy and natural way that is not fleshy or pretentious, but rather downright sleek and elegant.

When you put it next to the oyster perpetual, you can easily see how the funky dial colors Rolex did in the op range were so Rolex looking and the dial shade that Rolex did on the Datejust is so much Rolex-like, you might notice a different dial to bezel ratio in both of these 41 millimeter Rolex watches. So, if you're looking for an op-41 vs. dj41 comparison video, the link is in the upper right corner of your screen.

While the fluted bezel is typically a more popular choice in the DJ range, the smooth bezel has attributes and characters that are unique to it.

For example, because it is polished, it is much easier to wear than a floated bezel, which plays with light and reflections differently and draws more attention. However, unlike the pump and floated motif tiles in the Datejust range, a more polished, smooth area on the bezel and bracelet links means a higher tendency for the watch to show scratches and marks. The dial here has a standard sunburst treatment, and the brush lines are crisp and sharp, allowing the dial to play with the light, displaying all the different shades of green and even almost black at times.

The hour markers have bevels on the edges that allow them to play with light and ensure reflections upon the flick of the wrist, enhancing the experience of the watch on the wrist. The hour markers have luminous infill, as do the dire hands, which not only execute fine workmanship but also offer a very soothing and visually appealing aesthetic to please the wearer as the second sand sweeps through the dial on the wrist.

The Datejust-41 in green fits and appears true to size. And because it isn't a flashy, vibrant, or funky green, the color blends and appears versatile and timeless.

The dimensions of the watch. The bezel measures only 39.2 millimeters. As a result, it does not appear to be that large. However, if you measure the case from 2 to 8 o'clock, it is 41 millimeters. The crystal on the dial measures 32 millimeters in diameter.

In comparison to the Datejust-41 Rolex, the Datejust has such a rich history, legacy, and heritage that it would be difficult to find a watch with a long history. Furthermore, it retains its iconic appearance, and whether you see a DJ from 1945 or one from today, you will instantly recognize what watch it is. Rolex previously added the green color to their watches and has now added it to their Datejust line.

Rolex Sea-Dweller SD43 Two-Tone 126603

While Rolex has been producing commercial watches for nearly a century, there are some tools and professional watches that were never intended to be commercial products, but rather to serve a specific profession, such as Sea-Dweller.