Rolex Sky-Dweller 326934-0005

When we talk about the Rolex steel sports watches, the history and decades of reliability become the most vital selling point to buy your confidence. Of course, there are stories, events, and heritage to discuss. But, Sky dweller is none of them.

RM 011 Filipe Massa

This brand requires a very little introduction Right?? Well, it stands out in the crowd due to its authentic craftsmanship and unique models. The Richard Mille “Felipe Massa” (Aka RM011) is one of those models that turned the tables for luxury sports watches. This specific model becomes the -” brand’s breakout model.”

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Double Balance Wheel Openworked- Picasso of watches

Can a tool be art??? What is the balancing point for exclusivity? Where objects are desirable and maintain their value without becoming totally unobtainable? When does a mechanical object go from being valued simply for its utility and cost of components and become valued for its craftsmanships?

Oyster Perpetual 36mm A Radiant and Aesthetically Pleasing Luxury Watch

While the only thing that’s constant in our lives is the CHANGE. There are two kinds of changes in our daily lives. The one that we can perceive and identify and the other that happens and we only find out not through perceived looks but from a performance.