Rolex Datejust 36 vs 41
Rolex Datejust 36 vs 41

An attribute that had almost become synonymous with Rolex, to the point where, when the original submariner had no date, a more popular submariner now has not only the date but also a Cyclops lens on the crystal. The original size of the adjustment was 36 millimeters and, while Rolex has remained true and committed to the size of 36 millimeters, they've added more sizes to provide additional variations and choices, it wasn't until 2009 that Rolex finally increased the size of Datejust to 41 Millimeter, what's interesting is that this DJ 41 doesn't come at the cost of DJ-36 and, even to this day, the Dj-36 is still in production.
This is intriguing because, normally, when Rolex introduces a new size of a watch model, the preceding size is discontinued, like in the case of the op 39 explorers, 39 submariners, 40, or Explorer 240.

All sizes have been replaced, and these lines have been permanently discontinued; nonetheless, there is no DJ in this sample.
When you're in the market for a watch and are torn between Datejust 36 and dj41, it might be a difficult decision, owing to the fact that you rarely get to test both in the same store, if at all. And then, even if you try, you can't quite gauge or establish why one looks and wears so much differently from the other. To assist you in making this decision, we will highlight some of the primary variances as to why they wear so differently a Comparison beyond The self-evident.
Because both watches in this comparison have a different dial, we will not look at the differences in the dial elements, but we will just highlight one distinction that aligns with the similar size of the Datejust 36, its style hands are slightly different.
Smaller than the Datejust 41, and if you look closely, you can also see that the width of the bezel is significantly smaller in the Datejust-36 compared to the Datejust-41, implying that the Datejust-36 will be the less blingy of the two watches.

Speaking of washer size disparities, let's begin with dimensional analysis and measuring the bezel at the outer extremity of the Datejust 41. It is 39 inches long.
Two millimeters You might be asking why it's called the dj41 since the bezel is only 39 millimeters wide. So, if you measure the case of the Datejust-31 from 2 to 8 o'clock, it is 40.
As a result, the larger size. The curved form of the k sides adds to the heaviness when measuring the bezel dimension of the Datejust-36. It is 35.

Despite the fact that the case size is 5 mils less than the 41. The face of the watch is only four millimeters thick at the bezel, with a smaller measurement from two to eight o'clock. In this scenario, the Datejust-36 yields the value 36.

8 millimeters So we’d debate about its marketed size. And, in terms of dial size, it is technically and possibly a 37-millimeter watch, at least according to our caliper. The Datejust-41 has a dial dimension of 32 mils, whilst the Datejust-36 has a dial dimension of 36.
It measures 30 mils. So, for your reference, the face of the watch is merely two mils smaller due to the dial here. The dial size of the Rolex, submariner, or yacht master is similarly 30 mils, however, because of the bezel, the size naturally builds up and they appear much larger.

Although the dial size is the same as the Datejust-36, one of the reasons why the Datejust-36 wears so wonderfully and masculine despite its smaller ish size is how well Rolex has proportioned its bracelet, which comes with a 20-millimeter bracelet for reference. This is the same bracelet width that came with the submariner 40 mils, and it is the same bracelet size that is still included with the GMT and yacht master. However, the dj41 in this comparison comes with a 21 mils bracelet.

The Watch's Weight

While the Datejust-41 is larger, its size does not come at the expense of wearability and you can still easily pull it off, however, it will not seem as dressy as the Datejust-36, which may be a positive as it makes it more versatile or a negative as it makes it a touch less formal.

Summing Up

The watch weighs 134 grams with all links attached, making it around 10% heavier than the Datejust-36. There is no right or incorrect answer here. Rather, you can have both in your collection and not feel bored in the watch industry.
Even a half-millimeter difference in size can sometimes make or break a deal, so with a 5 mil difference in size, the jump up in size is significant, and where the Datejust-36 offers you a more conventional formal, classic, iconic, and historic appearance and size. The Datejust-41 is a more modern, substantial, and large variant to fill the wrist and provide joy. If anything, this is the best-case situation in which we did witness the Datejust-41 depart but did not see the Datejust-36 arrive.