Patek Philippe may launch these new products in 2023?
Patek Philippe may launch these new products in 2023?

Patek Philippe only released 21 new models in 2022 because it retired 29 watches from its inventory. It's difficult to predict what the corporation has in store for 2023 because of how secretive it is. Forecasts and forecasts are made based on opinions rather than verified information.

What does the future hold for the Nautilus collection?

Customers were promised a successor for the Nautilus 5711 models in gold and stainless steel by Thierry Stern, CEO of Patek Philippe. In the fall of 2022, the company then released the Nautilus ref. 5811/1G-001 in white gold with a 41-mm case and an extension system. Despite the few alterations, the new Nautilus model in white gold has received favorable reviews from collectors.

The 5811 series is anticipated to grow in 2023, including a rose gold variant, a platinum version, and further dial variations.

Since Patek Philippe CEO Thierry Stern has made clear that he prefers precious metals, it is unlikely that the Nautilus 5811 will be constructed from titanium or stainless steel. This choice was also impacted by the company's decision to abandon the 5711/1A, which had evolved into its flagship model because of its enormous appeal in stainless steel. It is therefore anticipated that the Nautilus 5811 would initially only be available in precious metals.

Although Patek Philippe might not frequently utilize non-precious metals, the Nautilus 5712 and 5726 were still offered in stainless steel as of November 2022. These models are upgraded versions of the 5711, which is no longer manufactured, therefore its availability in stainless steel in the future cannot be guaranteed. These models might progressively be discontinued by Patek Philippe.

Is the Aquanaut ready for titanium?

Aquanaut Titanium

Yes, in honor of the Aquanaut's 25th anniversary, Patek Philippe recently released a titanium edition of the watch. With the use of titanium, a material that is lighter and more robust than stainless steel, the new version is anticipated to add a special touch to the famous model. Fans and collectors, who are always on the lookout for something fresh and unique from Patek Philippe, are anticipated to respond favorably to the release of a titanium version of the Aquanaut.

There are several options for the Aquanaut improvements that Patek Philippe may have in store in 2023. The company might decide to try out novel materials like titanium, which would give the design a special touch and put it in step with other high-end companies that have embraced its use. Additionally, Patek Philippe might decide to upgrade the Aquanaut with new complexities like a moon phase or annual calendar, which would be attractive to watch collectors seeking out more functionality in their timepieces.

Instead, Patek Philippe might decide to unveil an Aquanaut from their Advanced Research collection, demonstrating their dedication to innovation and expanding the limits of conventional watchmaking. Regardless of the updates planned. Fans and collectors of the brand, who have grown accustomed to Patek Philippe's craftsmanship and attention to detail, are likely to welcome them.

In 2023, it's unlikely that Patek Philippe would release a titanium Aquanaut. The company is known for its conventional and traditional approach to watchmaking, therefore it is more likely to concentrate on introducing limited-edition Aquanauts from its Advanced Research line or adding new complexities. The functionality of the watch might be improved by the addition of a new complication like a moon phase or annual calendar, while a limited-edition model from their Advanced Research line would highlight the company's dedication to research and introduce fresh, cutting-edge technologies. Whatever modifications Patek Philippe has in store for the Aquanaut, will be eagerly awaited by brand devotees and collectors.

What's in Store for the Calatrava: An Anticipation of Upcoming Surprises

Patek Phillipe Calatrava

Patek Philippe's Calatrava watch collection is renowned for its classy dress watches. The well-liked Calatrava 5196 was withdrawn from production in platinum, yellow, white, and rose gold in the spring of 2022, leaving the ref. 6119 as the final Calatrava with a small seconds hand. The 6119 is 2mm larger and has a different Clous de Paris bezel design, therefore it cannot be compared to the 5196. In 2023, Patek will probably introduce a brand-new model to replace the 5196. Either a straightforward upgrade with a polished bezel for the 6119 or a fully new design might be used.

Watches With Complications- what’s next?

The Patek Philippe collection offers a wide range of options for people who value the complex mechanics of watchmaking. Patek consistently tests the limits of timekeeping by putting a focus on complications. Patek withdrew 17 models in the last year, but most of them were quickly replaced by newer iterations. These new models typically only feature minor modifications, such as different dial colors or case material selections. Whatever the case, Patek's dedication to innovation and advancement guarantees that there is always something fresh and fascinating in store for those who value the craft of watchmaking.

Two models immediately stand out to me when I gaze into my 2023 crystal ball: the refs. 5373P-001 and 5935A-001. The former, a platinum mono-pusher chronograph with split seconds, moon phase, and perpetual calendar, took the place of the references 5372P-001 and 5372P-010 which were also equipped with these features. However, unlike these two watches, the 5373P-001 features a left-handed design. Since left-handed watches aren't typically major sellers, I wouldn't be shocked to see Patek reintroduce the 5372 in gold.


When Patek Philippe introduces a new watch, whether it's a Nautilus, Calatrava, or Grandes Complications, watch collectors all around the world pay attention. It's entertaining to attempt and forecast what this venerable Genevan watchmaker will do in 2023. How many of our predictions turn out to be accurate excites us! We'll simply have to wait and see, but Patek certainly has the potential to keep us on our toes and reveal something wholly unexpected.