Rolex Submariner Kermit 126610LV
Rolex Submariner Kermit 126610LV

It is also amazing, that the level of obsession, passion, and pursuit to find that perfect peace in this watch world, where small details matter, can sometimes be so strange yet interesting that even when the text and every design character are the same between the watches, but just the Font of the digit, let's say the digit 4 is flatter or fatter than the other watches. In this world, where minor details may often make or break a sale, the worth is

A change in design, size, material, look, or aesthetics can sometimes make the product look a universe apart, and when the details of this small extent matter, changing the color of the watch can easily state the emotions in the watch world, especially when A colored tile is given initially and then removed. The move may be not only contentious but also divisive.
We're looking at a 41-millimeter Rolex submariner with a black dial and a green bezel, which has replaced the 40-millimeter Hulk submariner with a green dial. The interesting thing about the Rolex Submariner and each new release is that the alterations from the previous generation are so slight that it may appear to the general public to be the same watch as the previous generation, but in the collector's world, it is not.

multiplied, the desirability is enhanced, and the drive to acquire is intensified.

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These minor modifications Can dramatically alter the experience to the point where you can own both the old and new references and appreciate them as completely separate watches.
This setup, launched in September 2020, isn't particularly novel. Rather, a Rolex was introduced. The same black dial, submariner, and green bezel back in 2004 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of subs this time, there are changes which are not as revolutionary, rather true to Rolex's core attributes of evolving with time here we have the same configuration but in the ceramic bezel, larger 41-millimeter case size, and all New movement caliber 3235 to power.

If you want to know the exact distinctions between this new 41-millimeter submariner and the older 40-millimeter ceramic submariner that this new reference has replaced, look at the watch. The biggest distinction between this new release and previous ones is the black dial with a glossy finish.
This new reference is based on the departed green dial submariner. The monstrous dial was not only green, but it also had a sunburst dial treatment, which meant that the dial played with light and reflections. The grain color was really intriguing. Hulk used to look like a green dial watch in certain lighting conditions, and then it would turn into a darker color, like black, when the light hit it differently because hulk had a different tile, color, and surface. In this all-new ceramic Kermit, the dial looks exactly the same as the black dial submariner, both in terms of its shade of black. Then there's the surface treatment.

It has a glossy finish. So, while you get a greener bezel with Kermit, you lose a little uniqueness with the dial color, because the dial is the same as the no date sub or the blacks up another update this time. This new reference differs from not only the old reference but from any other submariner ever manufactured. For the first time, we have a crystal on top with an internal ar coating put to it.
This is indeed an intelligent move by Rolex, because, where we get better to die legibility and lesser reflections from the dial due to a coating since it is applied only internally, there is no risk of scratching the coating from day to day use The all-new submariner also Comes with wider bracelet, and now we have 21-millimeter bracelet at the lux.

The difference is only one millimeter from the last generation, but it is very obvious and you do feel it on the wrist, even when it is not sided by side with an old submariner. It is also worth mentioning that this is the first submariner To have the wider 21-millimeter bracelet, which arguably is added to balance out.

This is a significant improvement over the previous movement 3135, which only had 48 hours of power reserve, and it offers 32% more power to the watch to beat when idle. In other words, where the previous generation sub had two days of power reserve, the new 41 millimeters up has three days of power reserve, which is a significant improvement and delivers the same plus two to minus two seconds of accuracy. The watch has a beautiful level of detail due to the final movement caliber 3135 under the macro.

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On the other hand, there is no dust, mark, scrape, or trouble on the side. The borders of the hands are likewise in good condition, and there are no high spots or buds on the Display. The polishing is likewise of high grade.
Looking at the time, there are no difficulties on site, and the finish and workmanship appear to be adequate and on a level with what we have observed. The second hand, on the other hand, has surface dust markings that can only be seen under a microscope. Personally, we don't think they're serious, and the execution appears to be enough.

This all-new 41-millimeter submariner wears like a Rolex dream. It is a relatively bigger watch and while the case is technically 41 millimeter, it does not wear any lesser than a 42-millimeter watch. The lug-to-lug height of the watch is 47.
7 millimeter. So it is a taller watch relatively, but then the case thickness is only 12. 3 millimeter, which is relatively thin for a diving watch.
The new case, shape on one end, gives back the more vintage-inspired case: aesthetics with slimmer lugs and more exquisite design and then, on the other hand, offers a somewhat larger size to match modern trends and expectations.