Rolex YG Daytona in Oysterflex Ref 116518LN
Rolex YG Daytona in Oysterflex Ref 116518LN

While they are designed to perform in the most adverse conditions, they are only worn at the supper or ceremony.
Watches, which were once purely functional, have evolved into objects of pleasure and pride. The fantastic part is that there is no correct or incorrect way to use or wear the watch. There's nothing wrong with either use if you like and appreciate the history, talent, and story behind your look and adore and care for it.

Rolex Daytona

It may only be a watch, but for its maker, it is a work of art and the culmination of decades of experience, craftsmanship, and continuous advancement. A watch is designed to be worn, cherished, appreciated, and admired, not simply collect dust and value in a safe.
When steel is practically reaching the levels of attractiveness and value where it is actually going in the market for close to three times its retail price, you can safely argue that steel is the new gold that is while the construction is of steel. Stainless steel is a metal that is commonly used in kitchen and workshop items.

However, the value of this metal in the wash world for particular items is so high that it attracts premiums as if it were made of gold. However, as we approach this price range, the factors of luxury, prestige, pleasure, and exclusivity are almost certain to become a concern, and this is precisely where it is worthwhile to investigate.
What else is out there at the price point we pay for steel watches from essentially the same brand, and when you put it that way, the Daytona in the precious metal of gold does seem to make sense and become a watch that you would almost be naturally inclined to when what you get is essential all the finesse and fine watchmaking from Rolex, but in the Flesh of gold.

Rolex Daytona Yellow Gold

The Rolex Daytona in oyster flex and yellow gold has some extremely unique features and is probably a more interesting watch than the steel reference notice. Not more versatile, but more intriguing.
For example, we have an oyster flex, strap, which indeed makes the fit look and feel more comfortable, but the watch head itself is heavy being made of gold. We have interesting looks with black dial hands and hour markers, which are very unique to this particular configuration and model, and if you see the panda dial 2, the hour markers are white gold without any black coating. On top.

So, in this example, the piano light appears on top of the golden dial, creating a similar panda-like design, which is truly quite cool and unusual. In the full gold Daytona models, look for a Daytona. The bezel is also composed of gold, but this is not the case here, as we have a ceramic bezel that ensures that while you get all of the prestige benefits of gold, they do not come at the expense of durability.
And, while hitting or banging the bezel will not harm it, the fact that it is ceramic does mean that if you drop your watch from a great height, it may shatter like glass.

So this model, Indeed, may just be the best option for you if the unsymmetrical lux on the rest of the Daytona models broke the deal for you earlier.
On the other hand, the Daytona in yellow gold with a gold dial and an oyster flex bracelet fits like a dream. The watch case measures 38. 5 millimeters at the bezel, making it a smaller-looking watch than you would anticipate from a 40-millimeter watch.

Rolex Daytona 116518LN

The dial measures 30 millimeters in diameter. The lug-to-lug height of the watch is 47. 5 millimeters, so it does not wear too small.
The case thickness of the watch is 12.2 millimeters, which is not at all hefty or top-heavy for a sports watch. The bracelet measures 20 millimeters at the Case and tapers down to 15 millimeters.
The clasp is 18 millimeters wide, and despite being in a rubber band, the watch appears sleek and sophisticated. However, despite being on an oyster flex bracelet. This watch has a band size of 6.

A 5-inch wrist weighs 158 grams, only 10 grams more than the steel Rolex Submariner. So you can see that, despite it being a frigid watch, it does not sacrifice comfort. And it's still light and comfortable watch to wear. The Rolex Daytona in yellow gold with oyster flex is an intriguing and gorgeous watch that displays all of the Rolex expertise, prestige, and craftsmanship.

However, the richness of gold and the use of yellow gold make it blingy. The oyster flex makes it more muted and removes the shining appearance that a full gold wash would normally provide. It has a ceramic bezel, so it can still withstand Day to day beading, but it isn't as adaptable as the steel ones. This is also due to the fact that gold is a softer metal, and its warmer tones make it less adaptable than a steel model.
But at this price, if all you want is a pleasure on your wrist in Daytona with this watch on, you're on the money.