Rolex: Founded in 1905, Rolex is arguably the best known and most popular luxury watch brand in the world. World renowned for being the greatest maker of luxury watches, Rolex invented several well-known watch concepts that changed the industry for the better.

Rolex is known for a plethora of collections: Submariner, Sea Dweller, GMT-Master II, Yacht-Master, Sky-Dweller, Datejust, Daytona, Explorer, Milgauss, Perpetual and Perpetual Date.

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Few watchmakers can boast with such a long list of legendary high quality collections.

The symbolic representation makes it stand out as the most reliable and powerful watchmaker. Rolex is an extraordinary story. The honour it holds is due to the opulence and class which are gigantic.

Rolex watches have been present at countless world events, worn by many of the previous century's biggest movers and shakers.

In modern times, Rolex is present at the most reputable events in golf, tennis and motor sports.

You can spot many athletes and sportsmen wearing Rolex on their wrists.

Rolex offers an outspread array of Rolex oyster perpetual blue, Rolex daytona platinum, Rolex rainbow daytona, Rolex daytona blue dial white gold watches to suit any wrist.